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How to Know If You and Your Partner Require Couples Counselling

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Require Couples Counselling

For couples who are experiencing a life-altering event, communication problems, and other issues and wish to get things back on track one way to try and manage your situation involves attending couples therapy. However, your relationship’s success and the efficacy of therapy to help you and your partner work things out will depend on various factors.

Whether you’re in a relationship, engaged, or newly married, you and your partner can benefit from seeking a professional’s advice. Striving to attend therapy sessions together can let you have a better grasp on your relationship and help you understand your significant other people in a new light. If you think your relationship is worth saving and want to seek new ways to relate to your partner, going through couples counselling can do wonders.

When You Can Both Express Empathy Towards Each Other

During a typical counselling session, if you and your partner can demonstrate that you both show empathy for one another, you can rest assured knowing that you’re well on your way to working on your relationship. Despite understanding that compassion has been in a state of repose for a while now, so long as there’s a sign that can indicate it’s possible to improve the situation, your therapist will guide you along the way.

Empathy works to allow you and your significant other to discuss your insecurities, fears, traumas, and pains without worrying about being judged by the other person. Once you learn better ways to cope with your negative emotions with your partner beside you, you can finally put underlying negative cycles to rest.

When You Can Both Accommodate One Another’s Influences

Whether you prefer in-person meetings or online counselling with a therapist, part of discussing your feelings is acknowledging that you both influence each other throughout your relationship. It isn’t a bad thing, so long as respect, love, and compassion are present.

Couples that have gotten used to how each other’s minds work can handle incoming challenges better with creativity and resiliency. By taking the time to listen to your partner’s thoughts, you can work together to develop resolutions to solve the problem at hand.

Ways to turn your influence into a positive note include supporting your partner each time they voice out their opinion instead of dismissing them and doing your best to avoid invalidating their feelings. When you take slow but sure steps to fix one problem after another, you’re creating a safe space for you and your partner to thrive in without being scared to tell each other how you really feel.

When You Can Both Aim for Similar Goals for Your Future

If you and your partner are willing to work on your issues and want to come out stronger, you can be inspired to act on them. After all, people who love and care for each other will do whatever it takes to save a relationship so long as it’s healthy and what both parties want can indeed make it happen.

When your therapist sees that you and your partner’s main objective is to mend the relationship, they will work with you to help you navigate the issues hurting your marriage and come out of them stronger than ever.


Couples going through some challenges but can still express empathy towards each other, accommodate one another’s influences, and aim for similar future goals may want to try out couples therapy. It’s a viable solution that can help relationships and marriages succeed as long as both parties are willing to work it out and grow together during the process.

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