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Let’s Talk About Trust: Why Romantic Relationships Need It

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are one of life’s greatest gifts and mysteries. It’s important to enter into one that’s healthy. To have a healthy relationship, it’s key to have a solid foundation that involves one important element: trust.

While a relationship is building, things can be quite encouraging. The excitement of a new relationship can result in everything being viewed from rose-coloured glasses. With a new partner, it’s like they can do nothing wrong! However, if trust is broken at some point, it can be a completely different story. The entire healing process from something heavy is rife with a lot of pain. It can happen at any stage, which is why some people go into marriage counselling due to trust issues. That said, it’s possible for damaged trust to heal.

What Makes Trust So Necessary in Romantic Relationships?

Trusting in a romantic relationship involves having a solid belief and understanding that your significant other will stay consistent across desires, feelings, behaviours, and words. Needless to say, nobody can fully predict or read their partner in their entirety. Let’s be honest, too: If that were a thing, there would be little to no excitement or thrill in the relationship.

Why Does Building Trust with the Right Romantic Partner Matter So Much?

As previously mentioned, when a person is predictable to the point of leaving nothing to the imagination, things can get very boring very fast. There are no surprises, nothing new up ahead, just…blah. If anything, it will seem more like time being wasted that could be better spent elsewhere or with someone else. What would make your stay in a situation wherein things seem rather flat than anything else? Consistency is great and crucial, but when there’s no spark, it may not very well count for much, if at all.

It’s key to find someone who piques your interest and somehow manages to sustain it. This makes for great potential down the line. It keeps you excited and has more peaks and valleys as things go along. That said, even the most vibrant fields of flowers can experience a drought that leads to a lot of wilting blooms. It will start to feel like a huge letdown after such a promising start.

That sounds a lot like what happens when trust is broken, doesn’t it? When the person you thought you were in love with turns into someone you don’t recognize, that can sting. This is especially true if the spark turned into something that led to burnout instead, or if excitement turns into fear and mistrust.

The right partner will be able to strike a balance between consistency, excitement, and keeping things on track. Any mistakes made will be acknowledged and discussed, with a sincere effort for things not to happen again. You may even opt to get counselling. That said, it’s key to remember that it can take time to build trust. It’s key not to judge a new partner based on experience, but it happens sometimes. At the end of the day, genuine trust will shine through over time.


Trust is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship’s foundation. Finding a partner that’s fully trustworthy might involve some pain and rebuild over time. It’s key to leave room for healthy conversation, the ability to prove consistency, and sustainability in terms of being trustworthy throughout.

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