Ward & Associates Psychological Services is a psychological clinic in Sherwood Park. We offer video counselling for clients anywhere in Alberta.

We enter into your life and change it forever.

Life just doesn’t feel good right now.

You’re stressed. You’re overwhelmed. You just can’t relax.

You want more from your life, but you can’t quite get there. You’re not happy anymore and you just don’t know what to do.

We Provide Couples Counseling, Therapy for Anxiety Disorders, PTSD Treatment, and More

Has your relationship fallen apart? Are you anxious? Have you been traumatized? Are you depressed? Do you need help coping with life?

We can help you get back on track. We are a group of psychologists who provide couples counselling and therapy for adults in Sherwood Park and its surrounding areas.

We specialize in treatment of first responders, including police officers (RCMP and EPS), veterans, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel.

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