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Do You and Your Partner Need Marriage Counseling?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Marriage Counseling

Are happy endings a myth? Well, not exactly—but they aren’t that simple either! Unlike in storybooks, when they have a beautiful conclusion to the story by saying “…and they lived happily ever after,” real-life actually makes you live through the ending, whether you like it or not.

Marriages are far from the happy endings in books—they are in no way full of sunshine and rainbows all of the time, you can take healthy steps toward making your marriage stronger. It’s essential to recognize the signs of a troubled marriage so that you can figure out how you and your spouse can salvage your relationship by reading and learning, practicing new ways of interacting with each other and possibly with the help of marriage counselling services.

You Don’t Talk with Each Other.

Everyone needs a bit of peace, but when your home seems a little too quiet, it may mean that something’s not right. How much did you and your partner talk yesterday? Or this past week? Do you remember what you last said to them? Are you only talking about the kids and what needs to get done?

Silence puts your marriage at a standstill—you no longer have the bridge that connects you to your spouse. When you fail to interact with each other, it negatively impacts your relationship, further widening the gap. Getting marriage counselling can help you bridge that gap and find effective ways of improving your interaction with each other.

You Fight Over Small Things.

While everybody becomes bothered by trivial matters from time to time, it’s not healthy to sweat the small stuff constantly. Yes, communication is essential, but we don’t want it to be in the form of arguing with each other on a regular basis!

Daily arguments will put a strain on your relationship. Someone is bound to feel wronged, misunderstood, and judged one way or another—these small arguments may feel insignificant at first, but they have the potential to progress into more tension, stress and conflict.

Don’t let it get to that point. If your arguments are getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to reach out for couples’ counselling.

You See Your Spouse as Your Enemy.

Your spouse is meant to be your life partner, and the one that you can depend on when times get tough. Your marriage is a symbol of your union—it’s not a battlefield, with both of you on opposite sides.

A relationship with people who feel like they are enemies of one another may be heading toward a separation. Before things become damaged beyond repair, it may be helpful to consider marriage counselling to help you get to the root of the problem.

You Are Dishonest About Your Money.

Having an affair isn’t the only way you can be unfaithful—hiding money matters from your spouse is another form of deception. If you’re reluctant to share with them your expenses, savings, loans, and other financial affairs, then something is wrong. A marriage counsellor can help you find what you’re missing and help you work through your problems.

You’re No Longer Intimate with Each Other.

Physical intimacy isn’t the only way you can show your love for your spouse, but a lack of intimacy can be a warning sign of relationship trouble. It can be helpful to explore ways in which you can reintroduce sex, playfulness and other forms of intimacy in your relationship. If you aren’t sure how to make these changes, marriage counselling may help you find ways to ensure that both of you are happy and satisfied.


Marriage may be far from the fairytale endings you’re familiar with, but it can still be beautiful despite its imperfections. Undergoing marriage counselling can help you save your marriage and prevent things from getting any worse. With the necessary professional help, you and your spouse can find common ground and have the happiest ever after that life will allow.

Do you think your relationship needs some TLC? We at Ward & Associates can help you save your marriage! Our therapy clinic offers marriage counselling in Edmonton to give you the guidance you and your spouse need to get back on track. Book an appointment with our therapists today.

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