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What to Know About Trauma and How to Recover From It

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

recover from trauma

When a person experiences a traumatic event, the impact of it can plague them for years and years. Uncomfortable feelings, awful memories, feeling uptight and on edge can all be signs that trauma is unresolved.

Receiving support from loved ones and specialists in the field can help you to heal from a traumatic event. Keep reading below to learn more about trauma and how therapy can help.

A Closer Look at Trauma

For most people, trauma is a form of physical and emotional injury. Traumas come in different sizes.

Similar to physical traumas, where you experience familiar pain each time you come across your previous injury, your emotional traumas may become triggered when you’re reminded of what happened.

People’s brains are wired differently, so while some tend to heal from a bad memory quickly, others take a while to overcome their struggles.

How Trauma Affects Your Life

Unfortunately, trauma has a way of affecting a person’s life and everything that comes with it. Once you experience trauma, as a defence mechanism, your body or mind figure out a way to protect you from spiralling, such as detaching yourself from the present to avoid feeling hurt.

When you protect yourself, your body and mind don’t quite know when the situation is over. As a result, even when the moment has already passed, you unconsciously find ways to protect yourself from harm even though it’s done.

Trauma affects people differently, depending on the severity of what they went through in the past. Sometimes people experience anxiety, depression, grief, and guilt. You may also have trouble recalling situations or think that your reality has been altered. For some, it may be hard to trust others that and you may end up pushing the people you love away because you don’t want to go through the same experience again.

Why Therapy Helps Manage Trauma

Through trauma therapy, a professional will work with you to guide you, your body, and your mind into a state of healing. They will help you recognize that you’re in a safe space and away from harm so you can begin to recover, step by step.

Therapy sessions will teach you how to look at your trauma from a different perspective, it can be challenging to open up to a mental health therapist at first, but in due time, you will slowly open up and share your trauma and find your way to recovery.


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