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Therapy in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic – The Role Technology Plays

Updated: Dec 27, 2021


When the pandemic hit, many industries were affected. Banks, schools, stores, offices, restaurants, and hotels—all of these businesses had to adjust how they operated. Some closed down, either temporarily or for good.

Clinics and therapy centers had to adjust to the situation as well. In a time when people’s mental health is fragile and support is needed the most, in-person counselling has become unavailable or in some cases, limited. Thankfully, we live in a technological world and there are platforms available that allow people with mental health issues to have access to services that they need.

Some are hesitant about doing their therapy online, but more and more people are requesting to be seen by a psychologist through platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and other private online systems.

In this post, you are going to learn how the digital age changed the way people do therapy and why countless clients prefer online services:

Why Clients Choose to Receive Mental Health Services Online

Location Is Not an Issue

One of the top reasons that clients have is that they now have the liberty to choose the treatment center or the counsellor that they want, even if they are from hours away in Alberta. If a therapist’s reputation is outstanding, clients naturally want to get their services.  Before online therapy sessions were made available, this wasn’t always possible because of location challenges. Now it doesn’t matter where the therapist is and where the clients are, as long as the client is in Alberta.

It Is More Convenient and Comfortable

Just like how remote working made it more convenient for people to do their jobs, the same is true for mental care services. For one, clients need not drive from their homes to the therapists’ offices. They wouldn’t even have to dress up for it! They don’t have to spend extra money on gas or public transportation nor will they have to deal with the traffic. Then you won’t be waiting for your appointment because you can still do your usual tasks at home up until the minute of your session! Often, we’re just more comfortable in our home environment, snuggled in a blanket, cuddling with our pets and holding a cup of tea while we work on improving our mental health.

Younger Clients Are More Comfortable with This Method or Approach

Given that kids and teens of today have grown up with Iphones, Ipads and other devices, they’re usually more comfortable and confident when communicating with other people through technology. Not that it’s an entirely good thing because it’s actually getting in the way of their social skill development in some ways. However, in the current situation, they may be more willing to consult with a therapist if they don’t have to walk into an actual office to open up about their feelings.

It Is Safer for Everybody

Thankfully, the world is beginning to open up as the COVID-19 numbers are reducing. However, the risk remains present and it’s a wonderful thing that we’ve got online therapy options to fall back on. During the riskiest times of COVID-19, we were able to continue to work with our clients using technology and for many of our clients, it was a very smooth transition. Online therapies made it possible for people to still get the help they need without putting their health at risk.


Whether you want to speak to a professional for your spiritual development or you need your therapist to help you through your mental health struggles, you will benefit from the technological advancements that made it possible to continue getting the services you need amidst the pandemic. And if you haven’t tried doing therapy this way, you really should give it a shot. So many people have agreed that it works just as well as in-person therapies, if not better!

If you need online counselling in Sherwood Park or any part of Alberta for that matter, you can trust Ward & Associates Psychological Services. We provide video counselling for people with anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, trauma, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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