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2 Reasons to Embrace Gratitude In This New Year!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Embrace Gratitude

Now that we are well into the new year, we can focus on the resolutions that truly enrich and allow us to take a step forward in self-care. It's our recommendation to cultivate habits that have the potential to lead us into a life with more joy and a positive state of mind. There's nothing more potent than embracing gratitude—being able to practice gratefulness - an appreciation for the people or things in our lives. For instance, our friends and family, our health, the food we eat. The list can seem endless when we get into the habit of expressing gratitude and truly embracing it. The benefits of this practice can genuinely change one's way of life. Read on to learn more.

1) Gratitude Can Improve Productivity and Performance

We often pressure ourselves, especially when we transition from one year into the next. But when it comes to realistic goals, you will be surprised how practicing gratitude can help you perform your best. According to studies, when people receive messages of gratitude from their superior/ coach/teachers, they are motivated to work harder. What's more, students who cultivated the practice of gratitude had higher GPAs. But that's not all. Compared to their non-grateful counterparts, they were more likely to integrate positively into society and feel satisfied with their lives. So whether you are an executive aiming to get on top of the corporate ladder, a student, or a business owner, no matter who you are, embracing a little bit of gratitude can go a long way.

Tip: Practising gratitude does not have to be about grand gestures. Keeping a gratitude journal is the easiest way to include this habit into your daily routine. All you need to do is take five minutes a day to list the things/people you are grateful for to feel the difference. And suppose you are someone who believes in taking things a bit further. In that case, you can also acknowledge the people you are grateful for personally. Remember, it's the feeling that counts.

2) Gratitude Can Improve your Relationships.

New Year also means new beginnings. So, whether it's reigniting romantic relationships or improving things in an old friendship, there's no better way of achieving this than showing your gratefulness to your partner, friends or family. You would be surprised how a simple thank you can improve your interpersonal relationships. A recent study claims that people who expressed gratitude for their partners felt more positive towards them. Additionally, they also felt more comfortable in expressing concerns about the relationship.

What's more, both men and women with grateful partners experienced a deeper connection to their partners. They also claimed to be more satisfied with their relationship. Gratitude has excellent benefits whether you are in a new relationship or well beyond the honeymoon stage. Having gratitude for one's partner or having a partner who takes time to express their gratefulness increases the longevity and satisfaction of a romantic relationship.


Truly, research very solidly points to the benefits of practicing gratitude. It's a powerful feeling that can improve self-esteem, help you feel confident and increase your empathy towards others. It enhances a mindset that tends toward optimism, thus improving overall mental health. Additionally, when faced with trying situations of uncertainty, gratitude can be that guiding light to get you through the tunnel reminding you of the good that there is in your life.

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