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Can Therapy Help With Spiritual Struggles?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Spiritual Struggles

When thinking of spirituality, many can limit themselves to just considering religion. While that is one way of understanding spirituality, spiritual connection is not limited to the idea of God and personal faith or religious practices. A broader understanding of the term could be one's connection to the self, others, and the world around them. Spiritual struggles may look like a lack of purpose and meaning in our lives where one might lose touch with our core self and spend time on pursuits that leave us exhausted, empty and lost.

Experience of spiritual struggles is more common than you think. It could be something as simple as feeling disconnected from your spirit or soul or a deeper, more severe issue that requires professional help. Did you know that spiritual struggles are often related to emotional distress, anxiety, stress and physical illness? Seeking professional help enables you to get to the core of your issues. And lets you navigate through them based on the learning of helpful skill sets.

So, how can therapy help? Here's how! Read on to learn more.

How Does Therapy Help With Spiritual Struggles?

Rather than focusing on external beliefs, therapy can help you search within to rediscover your unique truth and what really lights you up. With a trained psychologist, it's possible to discover what makes life meaningful to you by exploring your natural creativity, personality, and intuition. Moreover, therapy can help you find ways to align yourself with your soul's purpose and take steps toward manifesting the life you want. It's not uncommon for people seeking therapy for spiritual struggles to expand their understand of spirituality as they progress through. True spirituality is more than a feeling of positive or otherworldly identification. It also involves a deep embodiment of being fully present, here and now - in one's body first and learning somatic body awareness as a gateway to underlying and disowned parts of oneself. Finally, with the help of therapy, you can learn to be more accepting of yourself, treating yourself with kindness and compassion and allowing yourself the opportunity to heal gently and at a safe and comfortable pace.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Spiritual Development?

Developing ourselves as a spiritual being has enormous benefits as it helps us bring meaning into our life, leading to greater happiness. Furthermore, spiritual awakening also helps to experience more compassion and gratitude, resulting in a higher capacity to handle stress. Additionally, it allows us to forge and grow in positive relationships and social connections. Spirituality is a way of life that enables us to find joy and inspiration around us. When we believe in an energy/power greater than us, we also understand that we do not have to carry the emotional burden alone. One can let go of baggage and experience peace of mind which comes with being more mindful of our existence.


Spirituality has the immense ability to enhance our human experience. Furthermore, it may serve as a support system of inner guidance and self-discovery if you are struggling and unable to find meaning or connect to your surroundings. Or, perhaps you find yourself constantly giving into the pressure of comparing your life with that of others, resulting in dissatisfaction and the loss of any meaningful fulfilment in your life. And make you lose touch with your inner spark and dreams. Therapy for spiritual struggles, like all therapy, happens in a safe space where you will be supported and guided by a trained psychologist.

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