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What Are The Benefits Of Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Growth

Self-care has always been an important and relevant topic. However, these last few years of living through the pandemic have pushed self-care to the forefront, making us realize how beneficial it can be to develop habits that can impact physical and mental wellbeing. Scientists and researchers firmly accept the relationship between spiritual growth and its positive impact on mental health. And one of the ways to inculcate self-care is by growing spiritually.

Many people mistake spirituality with religion. While for some, it might mean the same, for others, it could be as simple as going out for a walk and connecting with nature. The definition of spirituality is myriad, but the goal is to allow oneself into a domain of awareness where one associates with higher consciousness, something bigger than ourselves. Spirituality helps to give meaning, direction and humanness to our existence. It helps us connect to our core values and enables us to be in a state of mindfulness where our actions and values are complementary and do not contradict each other.

Developing ourselves as spiritual being has enormous benefits as it helps us bring meaning into our life, leading to greater happiness. Furthermore, spiritual awakening also helps to experience more compassion and gratitude, resulting in a better stress-coping mechanism. Additionally, it allows us to forge and grow in positive relationships and social connections. Spirituality is a way of life that enables us to find joy and inspiration around us. When we believe in an energy/power greater than us, we also understand that we do not have to carry the emotional burden alone. One can let go of the baggage and experience peace of mind which comes with being more mindful of our existence.

Some of the physical and mental health benefits of spiritual growth are

1. Helps with reducing stress and high blood pressure: We know what chronic stress and high blood pressure can do to our health. Both have been linked to dangerous consequences on our bodies and mind. Spirituality can help reduce stress and blood pressure by encouraging calmness and experiencing gratitude. It allows us to experience joy and fulfillment peacefully.

2. Helps with lowering anxiety: Awakening one's spiritual side by practicing mindfulness, and meditation, inculcating self-kindness and awareness, is known to help reduce anxiety and even shorten the duration of panic attacks.


The list of the many benefits attached to spiritual growth is long. However, getting started is easy. Here's how you can grow spiritually to experience the many benefits and improve physical and mental wellbeing. It's helpful to remember that there are many ways to care for oneself. Spiritual growth is one such way of self-care. Suppose you are in a place where you are struggling with finding meaning or purpose in your life and experiencing anxiety that limits you from living a complete life. There is help available where you can get in touch with a mental health therapist to find the solutions that can bring you relief and wellbeing. All you have to do is take that first step.

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