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Welcome. I’m Michelle Ruiz, a Registered Psychologist and Canadian Certified Counsellor.  I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Taking the first step to seek the changes you would like for your life takes courage and deserves to be recognized.

Life’s stress can sometimes feel relentless or other times life can feel overwhelming, confusing, lonely or dissatisfying. When we experience transitions, adversities or challenges, we may feel lost with what to do and may feel disconnected from ourselves or others.  It may also be hard to know where to start and I want to remind you that you are not alone.

  • If you are an adult that experienced trauma at any point in your life, you may be feeling stuck and unable to move forward or you may find that the symptoms are becoming problematic.

  • If you are an adult experiencing depression, you may find difficulties with getting through your day or feeling like you’re on autopilot, just going through the motions or lacking joy.

  • If you are an adult experiencing anxiety, chronic stress, worries, you may notice issues with sleep or have a hard time calming the mind down or feeling present or relaxed.

  • If you are a couple experiencing disconnection, frequent conflict, betrayal, or concerns with intimacy, you may be feeling stuck or experiencing a familiar cycle of disappointment and frustration.

If any of these concerns speak to you, know that change is possible. I experience great purpose in helping people heal and grow from their pasts, adversities, hardships or transitions. I have a special interest in trauma therapy and helping my clients develop deep and satisfying relationships with their loved ones. I work with people around a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), early childhood trauma, and relational concerns.

I work from a client-centred, attachment-based approach, knowing that we are relational beings with core needs that deserve to be discovered and known. I work collaboratively with my clients to draw upon their existing resources and to help them develop new coping tools. I also draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Brainspotting and Experiential Therapy.

I approach my work with couples knowing that our fundamental need for secure attachment with our loved ones can drastically impact how we relate to one another. I draw from Emotion-Focused Therapy as well as The Gottman Method to assist couples in getting unstuck and forming deeper connections.

Lastly, I believe in the importance of authenticity and consider myself a naturally empathic, genuine and gentle therapist that welcomes any version of you in the room.

If it sounds like we may be a good fit, feel free to contact our office for an appointment or book online if that is more convenient. I would be honored in meeting with you.

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