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About Us

We offer online counselling for clients all throughout Alberta.

Ward & Associates Psychological Services is a therapy clinic in Sherwood Park specializing in couples counselling and individual counselling for adults, teens, and children. Click here for online booking.

We offer online counselling for clients all throughout Alberta.

We are the right clinic for you if any one of these resonates:

You’re feeling on edge, uptight, anxious and just can’t figure out how to relax again

You’ve been through a big, stressful, perhaps traumatic, event and can’t move on

You’re a first responder who thinks they might have PTSD

You’re overwhelmed with stress and can’t seem to figure out how to deal with it

Your relationship isn’t going well and you need guidance to get back on track

You are a teen (or their parent) and you need help coping

You’re a parent looking for help with your child’s mental health

Check out our profiles below to learn more about the therapists in our clinic.

Psychology Patient

Click here to book an appointment with one of our therapists using online booking.

Meet our therapists:


Dr. Jennie Ward

Trauma | Anxiety | Adults| Spirituality


Carolyn Lutcher

Trauma | Anxiety | Adults | Teens | First Responders


Jill Storcer

Adults |  Couples |  Domestic Violence | Anger Management


Dr. Lana Hawkins

Children | Teens | Adults | Mood  | Adjustment | Parenting | Women’s Issues

1 (3).jpg

Michelle Ruiz

Adults |  Couples |  Trauma | Anxiety

2 (3).jpg

Samantha Dover

Children |  Teens |  Adults | Trauma | Grief

2 (3).jpg

Samantha Dover

Children |  Teens |  Adults | Trauma | Grief

Ward & Associates - Kristen.JPG

Kirsten Stanton

Children | Teens | Adults

Trauma | Anxiety | Mood Disorders

Ward & Associates (15 of 16).JPG

Rashmani Chakrabarty

Children | Teens | Adults | Trauma | Indigenous/Racialized Struggles | Grief

Polina's img.jpg

Polina Hapco

Children | Teens | Couples | Families | Adults  

Marcela img.jpg

Marcela Salamanca

Children | Teens | Couples | Families | Adults  


Kristie Chow

Office Manager

Sitha Mpofu.JPG

Sitha Mpofu

Office Administrator

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