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First Responder Treatment


We offer online counselling for clients all throughout Alberta.

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A job as a military member, veteran, police officer, firefighter or any other first responder can be incredibly rewarding.

Unfortunately, these types of important professions are can also be exceptionally challenging to your body, mind and relationships. When you face traumatic experiences day after day after day, it can begin to impact all areas of your life.

It might be struggling with the shift work and all that that entails for your life.


It might be facing repeated traumas that you’re now unable to get out of your mind.


It might be that your marriage is falling apart.


Or it can be a hundred other things.

The life of a first responder can be difficult and this is often hard for other people to truly understand.

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We Can Help the Canadian Military, Veterans, and Police

Here at Ward & Associates, we specialize in the treatment of issues that are specific to police, EMS, veterans, military and firefighters.

We all have experience working with all types of first responders and many of us have personal connections to the first responder world.

Treatment for Anxiety and PTSD in First Responders and Working with Couples

We are PTSD specialists and we love to help our clients learn how to live healthy, satisfying lives despite the traumatic events they have experienced.

We also specialize in anxiety, which is a common phenomenon in the first responder world.

We work with first responder couples and we understand that your marriages have their own unique challenges. (Check out our blog post on everything you should know about couples counselling.)

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We Help Improve First Responder’s Mental Health in the Following Fields and Industries

Members of the RCMP

Veterans and dealing with Veterans Affairs Canada

The Canadian Armed Forces (current serving)


Strathcona County Firefighters

EMS from a variety of employers

We are knowledgeable about how to bill for your services so you don’t have to worry about that.


We also love to work with spouses of members of all of these agencies, as we know that they are also managing all kinds of challenges and stress.

Your Next Steps for First Responder Treatment in Sherwood Park

If you think you or your spouse might need some help, contact us and we would be happy to arrange for you to see one of our skilled therapists.

Our wonderful office manager will speak to you (or email you if you prefer that) and make sure that everything is arranged as efficiently as possible.

To book an appointment, please call 780-423-5316, email or click here to book online.

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