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Can Therapy Help With Parenting Issues?

Parenting Issues

Raising a child is the most rewarding and, at the same time, can be daunting. It can feel like an emotion-filled roller coaster ride, especially if things are not going your way. Your child won't come with a manual explaining everything to do to raise them well (that'd be nice for all of us new parents, wouldn't it?).

Children are a blessing. And as parents, we want to love and cherish them beyond measure. Equally true is the fact that parenthood is challenging. It can be exciting, scary, and lonely. We sometimes have no one to turn to for advice and often feel isolated with our struggles. However, when facing parenting problems, sometimes it's hard to cope. When you are struggling, parenting counselling can offer support when you need it most. It's helpful to remember that counselling has a long list of benefits when helping moms and dads improve their parenting skills. It helps parents protect their children from damage and provide them with steady emotional support from early childhood until they become independent adults. Parenting counselling is the best outlet since it can help you find the answers you need to be more effective with your children.

What is Parenting Counselling?

Parenting counselling is a form of therapy that can help with any parenting-related concerns you might have, whether you're struggling with your mental health or if you're feeling overwhelmed by your child's behaviour.

At the most basic level, parenting counselling is "help with your child." However, the scope of parenting therapy exceeds short-term goals where it can also focus on relationships between your spouse and you and the relationship between you and your child. Moreover, it can also focus entirely on you. Parents already living with a mental health condition like anxiety or depression can benefit from parenting counselling. It can provide a plan focused on your specific needs and situation. So whether it's a conflict between your child and you or there is the presence of trauma in the family or issues related to child development, including mental or physical health problems, therapy can help you find a supportive and safe space.

A therapist specializing in this area will be able to help you identify any issues that may be causing problems for your family. Your therapist will also be able to help you with strategies for solving them. They might also help with things like communication skills and other related issues that can arise between parents and children.

Some of the goals of parenting counselling are to increase self-awareness and improve communication and conflict resolution skills.

It's true that to be effective parents; we should be able to learn to look after ourselves better. For instance, less sleep and the inability to manage stress can often lead to more problems. Therefore, parents may find their parenting less challenging by improving overall health through more restful sleep patterns and healthy eating habits. It's helpful to remember that when you fill your own cup, it's easier to fill your child's cup.


It's no secret that close relationships with our children can be equally challenging and rewarding. Helping them grow into responsible, caring adults often helps us to understand ourselves better by allowing us to see our development through the eyes of our children. What's more, strong, effective relationships with our children are a cornerstone of good parenting. More parents are now open to seeking help from a therapist for issues that might be getting in their way. Therapy can support you in myriad ways, whether you're a new parent or a parent who is helping kids with social skills, talking to them about their feelings, or trying to forge a deeper bond with them.

We understand. Parenting is a long road. You're not alone when feeling overwhelmed, tired or clueless. So, why not have a bit of a breather and talk to someone who will listen?

If you're looking for counselling in Sherwood Park, Ward & Associates Psychological Services is here for you. We specialize in individual counselling for adults, teens, and children and couples counselling and trauma counselling for first responders. We also offer online therapy for clients residing in Alberta. Contact us to learn more about our services or to book an appointment.

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