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Hi, I’m Dr. Jennie Ward and I offer soul-focused treatment for those looking to transform their lives. My work is a combination of spirituality, energy medicine and psychological treatment.


If you’ve had treatment from a psychologist before, what I do is likely very different. 

I welcome you to read below and learn more about how I work with my clients. 

I work with those who are interested in engaging in sacred practices as a means to clear up patterns that are blocking you from embodying your most authentic sense of self. My work helps those who…


  • Have a wonderful life on the outside, but don’t feel satisfied with it and may not be entirely sure why they’re not feeling fulfilled.


  • Are interested in spirituality, but haven’t been able to use spirituality to achieve lasting change in their lives.


  • Have experienced trauma in their life and want to move forward from their traumas in a healthy way.

  • Have intuitive or psychic abilities and feel a bit confused or scared of them or perhaps want to learn how to harness and expand them.


  • Find that anxiety is holding them back, but they can’t seem to find sustaining ways to let go of their worries and fears.


  • Are into alternative methods of healing. ​


  • Might be going through a spiritual awakening or existential crisis of sorts and are not sure what to do or where to go.


I’m a PhD-trained Clinical Psychologist and the owner of Ward & Associates Psychological Services and for the past 10+ years I’ve specialized in treatment of anxiety and PTSD. 


Throughout my career, I’ve used my knowledge and skills to help those who have experienced traumatic events move forward in their lives with a greater sense of control and peace. I’ve taught my clients skills to reduce anxiety and live in a way that promotes a sense of deep and lasting relaxation. I am trained in a variety of psychological treatment strategies, including Prolonged Exposure, EMDR, Brainspotting, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and more.


I’ve worked as a traditional psychologist doing psychological work and (humble brag coming) I’m very good at what I do.


At the same time, I’ve been quietly training and learning all about energy medicine and spiritual approaches to healing for more than a decade. I began offering these treatments to my clients who are interested in this type of work and I’ve discovered that I’m more than a Clinical Psychologist…I’m a spiritual healer. 


I’ve developed a life-changing method of treatment called The Mastery Paradigm. Using this methodology, you and I will engage in ritual to connect with spirit. We will balance and clear your energy using energy healing methods and I will help you to heal and release whatever is holding you back using a variety of psychological treatment strategies, including trauma processing and clinical hypnosis.  


My method of treatment is called the Mastery Paradigm. It’s not for everyone. It’s for those who are open to these alternative, spirit-based forms of transformation. It’s for people ready to fully devote themselves to the process of healing. 


If this type of treatment appeals to you, I’d be happy to explore the possibility of working with you. You can fill this form out here and we will get back to you about the process.

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