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Transforming Traumas

An Educational Series on the Psychology of Trauma and Related Conditions

About The Workshop

When traumas happen to or around us, we are often left feeling lost, overwhelmed, and alone. We don’t know what to do next and we have a hard time believing that things can get better. As psychologists who commonly treat the symptoms of trauma and stress, we recognize how important it is to empower our communities to understand some of their own reactions that may seem confusing to them. In addition, we want to assist our community in regaining a sense of control and peace throughout their lives.

This workshop was designed to provide an experiential opportunity to do just that. We aim to give audience members insight into the clinical understandings of trauma and related diagnoses (such as PTSD) as well as concrete tools and strategies to cope with the effects of such. We will also use this workshop to highlight the research surrounding post-traumatic growth and talk to participants about how healing and recovery are possible and obtainable with the right knowledge and support.


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Workshop Details

CORE MODULES (3 hours)


Post-traumatic Growth



Grief and Loss



Interpersonal Relationships


"Our therapist is so calm and knowledgeable. I find the topics and strategies applicable. Thank you for sharing your time with us. My only wish would that be we could continue doing these sessions. I enjoy having the time to participate in these. I find them very beneficial and am sad today is the last day."

"Lots of inclusion by everyone. I felt that all participants were involved and open."

"I really enjoyed the discussion piece on Grief and Loss as I have found most people do not realize the broad range of different types that exist."

"Our therapist did an amazing job we should be lucky she’s working in this field."

"All of this information I can apply directly to myself. However I will also utilize it in a leadership capacity and sharing it with others within my organization and our partners."

How To Book The Workshop

For more information or to book, please contact us

at or call 780-423-5316.

We thank you for your interest!

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