Hi, I’m Lana, and I’m glad to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

All of us struggle sometimes in life, and just as when we have a physical illness when our struggles become very hard, we’re just fed up with them, or we’re really not sure what we can do to change things, therapy can be such a great help.

Being a psychologist and helping people find their way to a happier, more fulfilled life has always been my dream.  I think that people that I’ve worked with would say that I’m a very caring, genuine, intuitive and skillful psychologist.   For myself, I feel so honoured each time I have the privilege of joining people in their journey from difficult places to better places.

In my work with clients, I am invested in truly understanding what their struggles are, and then in a flexible and collaborative way, bring forward helpful ideas and strategies that really work.  While I often work with clients using cognitive behavioural methods (CBT), I know that what’s most important is what fits best and that this can change for any client at any particular time.  That’s where I draw from the strength of my training, knowledge and experience, to identify what’s the best choice for now – at this very moment in time – to respond best to the need at hand and help you reach your goals.

I graduated with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University, and have been working with individuals, couples, and families for over 23 years.  I draw also from my experience in working within health care, and as a spouse and as a mother to four children.

I work with clients with a variety of concerns and goals. Some of the more common relate to:

  • Anxiety, fears, phobias, or worries

  • Mood or depression

  • Dealing with changes, challenges, or transitions

  • Parenting concerns

  • Behaviour or pattern changes

  • Chronic illness and rehabilitation

  • Body image and/or eating

  • Self-image and confidence

  • Relationships

  • Lack of fulfillment, meaning or joy

I also have a special interest in therapy with adolescent girls and women.  I think it’s so important to reach for the stars. I have seen people move from the depths of struggle and despair to a stable place where they’re not just coping well but living well.  It’s truly a blessing to witness.  I also believe that training and experience matter and that good therapy is much more than just a set of techniques.  Research is clear that caring, genuine, and effective relationships with clients, along with an evidence-based approach to therapy, are key to successful outcomes. This is what I am committed to.

I would be very pleased to meet you, and for us to learn more about each other to help determine if I may be a good match for your needs.