Hi, my name is Vistara Conway.

I understand that it can be a big step to book an appointment with a psychologist. It is not always easy to make your own well-being a priority instead of taking care of others. It can be a very vulnerable decision to reach out for extra help when you are facing personal challenges or difficulties in your relationships. 

I  am aware of these challenges and, when people come to see me, I do my best to make them welcome, to listen quietly, and to help them feel safe to bring forward what they have not yet been able to express and sort out.

People come to see me for many reasons;

You may have ‘unfinished business’ – loss, grief or trauma from the past which is preventing you from moving forward.

You may be bogged down by stress, burn-out, low self-esteem or ‘bad habits’ and feel you have lost a sense of life’s joy and meaning.

You may be feeling stuck in negative cycles with your partner, spouse, or family member and struggling to find healthy new ways to be together.

You may have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another disorder and are looking for approaches other than (or in addition to) medication to help you to live a healthy life.

Whatever the issue you might bring, together we will find a way to ease the pressure, lighten the load, and support you to move forward in positive, skillful ways.

I tailor each session to the unique, lived experience of each individual, couple, or family I work with so no two sessions will be the same.  I use a variety of approaches in my work (see those listed below) and we will find the approach that suits your needs. The people I work with are ready and motivated to change their lives and know that it will take commitment. They are not looking for ‘quick fixes’ but want a combination of practical guidance and an understanding of the source of their conflicts in order to lighten their hearts and create meaningful change in their lives.

I look forward to working with you!

Clients I see:

*Individuals * Couples * Teens/youth * Families * Elderly * Motivated & Ready

Issues I treat:

* Trauma * Anxiety * Grief/Loss * Depression * Relationships * Stress/Burn-out * Spiritual Crisis * Major Life Transitions

Approaches I use:

*EMDR * Acceptance & Commitment Therapy * CBT * Pragmatic-Experiential Couples Therapy (PEX), * Mindfulness & Meditation * Family Constellation * Narrative * DBT