online counselling

Online counseling is a service that we have offered at Ward & Associates for many years. It allows you to connect with your psychologist through the Internet in order to have therapy services from wherever you are. It’s so helpful to have at times (like now) when you might not be able to leave home.

In the past, we’ve used online counseling when people are sick, are recovering from surgeries or when they live too far away to come to sessions in the office on a regular basis.  Some people also choose online therapy when it’s hard to take the time off work to come to an appointment.

Online therapy is now more important than ever.

As COVID-19/coronavirus continues to impact everyone around the world, anxiety and stress levels are exceptionally high.

Through online counseling, you can get the exact same treatment as in-office therapy.

Truth be told, some of us psychologists like online therapy even better, as many people are more comfortable opening up to us when they are in their own home. You can pet your dog or cat (or hamster), drink a cup of tea, snuggle under a blanket, while getting the help you need.

We can answer any questions or book an appointment at (587) 355-2378 or You can also click here.

Online Therapy Services in Alberta

We are based in Sherwood Park, just outside of Edmonton, but we are happy to work with clients throughout Alberta.

We work with children, teens, adults and couples.

Some of our specialties are:

Anxiety                  Trauma/PTSD                       Stress                          Teenage Issues

Worry                     Parenting                                Self-esteem                Couples issues

Panic Attacks        Grief                                        Body Image                Anger

Depression            Boundaries                         Eating Disorders      Chronic Illness

We can tell you that the technology for connecting with your psychologist is generally very easy. It’s as simple as clicking a link. If there are any glitches or you’re not confident with the tech, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Telemental Health:

Is online counseling the same as telemental health and online therapy? Yes, these are terms that mean the same thing.

Am I a good fit for online therapy?  Not every client is a good fit for online therapy. For example, if you’re completely averse to technology, don’t have the Internet at home and don’t own a cell phone, it’s not likely to work. Treatment for very young children can be challenging to accomplish online.

What are the risks of telemental health? There are risks of Internet malfunction, and it’s important to recognize that anything done online is not entirely secure. There’s also the potential to be interrupted during your session, particularly if you have young children at home.

How do I pay for sessions? Payment through credit card is usually easiest and Ward & Associates uses an encrypted payment processing system through Stripe. We’ve been using this payment system for a number of years for all credit card transactions. We can also direct bill with some benefit plans and we accept e-transfer.

What do I need to do online therapy? All you need is a private location, a phone, tablet or computer and access to Internet.

What online platform do you use? We use

How can we book an appointment? Contact us at (587) 355-2378 or or by clicking here.