Let’s face it…relationships are hard. They’re messy. If you’ve been in a relationship long enough, you’re going to go through some difficult times.

Maybe you’re not connecting anymore. You’re not having fun with each other. You’re not having sex. You’re not even talking.

When you do talk, it just ends in a fight. You wonder why you just can’t seem to say anything to each other without it blowing up. It feels like it’s them against you.

Maybe there’s been cheating. You need to decide if you can work through this or not.

We can Help Your Relationship with Couples Therapy

At Ward & Associates, we recognize that life is all about relationships and that sometimes, you just need some help to get back on track.

At our clinic in Sherwood Park, we have highly-trained marriage therapists who can help you to communicate, to figure out the problems that are sabotaging the relationship and to reconnect with the partner that you fell in love with.

Check out this blog post for more information about what couples counselling appointments are like.

We use the Gottman method for couples counselling, which has been proven through research to be highly effective. Using this therapy approach, we help you to achieve whatever you dream of in your life and marriage.

In couples counselling, you’ll learn to recognize your partner’s positive traits and express your respect, affection and admiration for them again. You’ll begin connect with each other in your own unique way.

We teach you how to effectively manage conflict so you can break out of unhealthy patterns. Of course, this all done without blaming or shaming anyone, with the goal of a happier marriage.

Relationship Help and Marriage Counseling Near Edmonton

If you could use some help in your relationship, contact us and we’ll be happy to get you back on track.