Simple ways to live a spiritual life

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Often when I’m speaking to my clients about the importance of certain values in their lives, the topic of spirituality or religion comes up. Many people say things like this, “Well I was raised in the United church.”  Often with a statement about how they no longer go to church and don’t feel they resonate with it anymore. Or “I’m…

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How to incorporate mindfulness into your life

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Mindfulness is a practice that has been a prominent aspect of many religions since ancient times and has become popularized in a non-religious sense in the past few decades as a method of improving one’s physical and emotional health. Early research on mindfulness revealed incredible evidence that it helps to reduce chronic pain and over time, it’s been found to…

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How to cope in the next few months

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It’s now November 2020 and it’s been a very challenging year for most people on this planet. There has been talk for months about the COVID-19 “second wave” and now it’s hit in Canada. No surprise, given our cold temperatures, dry air and time we all spend indoors. Just recently, our government in Alberta has shut down sports and gyms…

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How to help your child with a needle phobia

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One of the most common fears is needles and it’s particularly hard to see our kids struggle to deal with this one. Here are some strategies for helping your child deal with this phobia. First, we’ll give your child some strategies for managing their stress and anxiety response. Practice one of these every day to give them the skills to…

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How to get a better night’s sleep

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There’s no doubt about it. Poor sleep makes everything in life harder. By working on improving your quality of sleep, you’ll notice that everything in life becomes a bit easier to deal with. Your tolerance for stress will increase as you feel more rested. In my life, sleep is exceptionally important. Most people close to me know that I’m heading…

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Office for rent

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Beautiful, newly renovated 12 x 11 foot office for rent in Sherwood Park. Available October 1st, 2020 for full-time use. Features: * Very competitive rental rate * A wonderful, collaborative team environment * Occasional referrals  * Reception on site during the day (not during COVID) * Exceptional soundproofing  * Beautiful large windows that open and have new thermal tinting  *…

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